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Over 10,000 homeless and abandoned animals each year find a new home through our rescue- could you help us?


As members of any non-profit organization; we want you to know where your money goes when you donate. 

Medical Expenses:


Start at 6 weeks old and they get booster vaccines every 2-3 weeks until they are 16 weeks old. Each vaccine costs $35, which is a minimum of $280/puppy.

Rabies vaccines are $20 yearly for all dogs/cats

Dewormer for pups usually runs around $10-20 per pup

Spays run $140-185 depending on size

Neuters are $110

Parvo tests are $40. Treatment for parvo can run from $250-$700


Food: $25-$40 for a 50lb bag.

We go through about 300lbs of food a month

Cleaning Supplies: $3-$8 

We go through a few bottles of cleaner a month, to help keep everything clean for the pups. 

Transport: $150-$275 per pup

A lot of our pups go to rescues in the Midwest once we get them healthy and ready to be adopted. We are very particular about the transports we partner with, to ensure the pups get to partner rescues safely and comfortably. 

Gas: Varies

Everything we do at this point requires a lot of driving, we are in rural South Texas and even getting to the vet is 45 miles each way. 


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